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Please report your sightings!

Due to the secretive nature of the badger, reports from the public are often the only way way we can confirm badger presence. We can't stress enough how valuable these reports are to the research and conservation of badgers, so even if you aren't positive of what you saw, don't hesitate to contact us. Please contact us as soon after your sighting as possible, especially if you found a dead badger or a potential burrow with recent digging/activity.

What to report

  • Dead badgers (road-killed, found in a field, etc). These unfortunate individuals can provide us with very important information so it's crucial that we try to collect the carcass. These tend to get scavenged very quickly so contact us as soon as possible so we can get there in time.
  • Sightings of live badgers. Whether it was 10 minutes ago or 50 years ago we would still like to hear about it.
  • Possible badger burrows. Any burrow roughly 10" wide or larger is worth reporting, especially if there is a lot of excavated soil visible. For burrows that we have already investigated, it is still worth reporting it if you spot recent activity/digging as that might indicate a badger is still in the area.
  • Stuffed/mounted badgers and pelts. We can collect a viable DNA sample and even information about that badger's diet decades after it was mounted.

You can contact us either by email or by phone.

1-877-715-9299 (toll-free)